Friday, November 13, 2009

The wrong way in a one way...

Whats the deal with drive thru pharmacies? (feeling like seinfeld right about now)

I know the concept has taken off in many places. Whatever, I still don't love it...that's speaking from the guy behind the window. I mean, I love the Tim Horton's drive through (by the way, that's an amazing Canadian coffee and donut and sandwich etc. place...if you're in the States, google it...or visit it in NYC).

So tonight I'm working in a store that has a drive-thru window. Its my first time. Its kind of cool for the first 2 customers, but once you have a line up at the drop-off and the pick-up counters, who the heck needs another line up of people staring through a window at us too? So, now there's 3 lineups, all wanting a piece of me. Oh wait, there goes the phone too.

Some guy pulls into the drive-thru lane, the wrong way. The wrong way!! I mean, there's gotta be a few dozen signs and even markings on the pavement letting you know the right way to do it. So this is what is said when the guy in the passenger seat, now closest to the window, pulls up:

Me: Hi, you drove through the wrong way.

Guy in the passenger seat: Well I'm not driving.

In my head: #$%@#!%@#$%@#!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, my point is that no matter what you do in a pharmacy to make people's lives easier, there will always be a select few messing it up for everyone else.

Where did this whole idea start anyways? Probably in the States somewhere. And like everything else, someone in Canada had to eventually follow. Now they're all trying to keep up with eachother. It's hilarious watching these companies compete with eachother. I'm no marketing genious or anything, but isn't the idea of these big box stores to get people IN the store? If they can get what they need by driving it up and taking time and attention away from the customers in the store who are probably spending more "per basket" at the end of the day, why do the big guys care so much about pleasing these people? Am I going to have to break out the "would you like fries with that?" line in the future? If that happens, I'll probably just actually go and serve least I'll be doing what I'm there to do. And not, going the wrong way down a one way.

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  1. I'm sure it probably started here in the U.S. but rest assured I've never met a pharmacist who doesn't hate it with a PASSION. We have a hard enough time convincing people pharmacy is not 'fast-food' without this to deal with.