Thursday, November 12, 2009

Men are pigs

I have many great stories from my days of working in an area of Toronto, known primarily as the gay area. I am not gay, but I can confidently say that of all the places across Ontario I've worked as a pharmacist, this area is my favourite. Not only because it hosts some of the friendliest people and some of the most taboo everythings, but also because it has provided me with some of the best stories.

For example, I began working there as an intern. Early in my rotation, and not quite as confident and knowledgeable as I am today, I was working away in the busy dispensary. Along comes some guy who starts staring at me from in front of the counter. It took me a moment to notice because I was diligently rechecking my work. When I finally looked up, this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, can I help you?

Guy: Are you "The Canadian Pharmacist"? (sorry, I'm leaving out names for a reason)

Me: Ya, that's me.

Guy: Oh....(smirk)....I got an email about you from a friend... (bigger smirk)

Me: ....?.... (awkward blank stare)

Guy: He told me to come check out the new pharmacist (still smirking)

Me: (back to work)

I'm not really sure if a blog is the best way to get that story across, but I can honestly say that was the first time I ever thought to myself, and with good reason: "Men are pigs". I've heard stories about relationship woes between guys and heard stories of same-sex weddings.

I have lots more stories about dudes hitting on me. I won't lie, its a big confidence booster when you get hit on frequently. Call it what you will, I'm the best damn pharmacist some of those guys ever had the pleasure of being counseled by!

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